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Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet | The Gracious Gourmet

Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet

Our newest line of products, Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet, offers delicious fruit-heavy jams and jellies. We've created this line...

Pestos | The Gracious Gourmet


A pesto is traditionally prepared as puréed vegetable sauce, served with pasta. The origins of the word are Italian, from pestare,...

Spreads & Jams | The Gracious Gourmet

Spreads & Jams

Spreads from The Gracious Gourmet include options of sweetened fruit or vegetable-based condiments cooked to a jam-like consistency. You'll find them...

Serve great food without the fuss.

Our products include small-batch jams, jellies, pestos, spreads and tapenades.

The Gracious Gourmet sources ingredients carefully and responsibly — never using preservatives. Many of our products are low in fat, vegan, naturally free of gluten and minimize the use of salt and sugar.

Delicious Recipes from The Gracious Gourmet