Nancy's Obsession with Food

black olive tapenade appetizer with tomatoesNancy Wekselbaum has always been known to friends and family as a gracious host with a love for cooking and entertaining. When she arrives in your city, friends know finding the best places in town to eat is on her mind. Although her love of good food has shaped her life, it wasn’t until later in her career that she made food her full-time job.


Nancy’s love of enjoying good food and cooking began early. Although her mother discouraged her from cooking after she  nearly burned down the kitchen trying to bake a cake as a young girl, Nancy wasn't daunted. She continued to bake, explore different cuisines, and then eventually found success in all kinds of cooking techniques including flambe and souffle. 

During her busy career running a retail business with her husband in New York City, her favorite way to spend time off became taking trips to France and immersing herself in the cuisine of the French countryside. She even worked alongside top chefs during a stint at the renowned Les Freres Troisgros in Roanne. 

It was during a power outage while serving dinner to a friend that Nancy got the idea for her business. The friend so raved about Nancy's homemade chutney served with steak that she urged Nancy start a business. Something clicked, and in 2006 The Gracious Gourmet was born. The first product launched was that same chutney prepared for her friend. Nancy still develops everything in her own kitchen, creating products that make cooking and entertaining easy.