Introducing A New Product Line: Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet

Press Release: Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet Offers New Line of Jams & Jellies

Bridgewater, CT – June 5, 2019 — You’ll want to get to know Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet, a small-batch jam

and jelly line with elevated flavors and clean ingredients. The new products appeal to a wide range of consumer

tastes and those wanting popular price points. Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet will launch at the Summer Fancy

Food Show in New York, June 23-25, 2019 at Booth #649. It joins the well-established offerings from The Gracious

Gourmet, which boasts award-winning condiments, spreads, pestos and tapenades. Here are details:

• Apple Sweet Cherry Jam —Two of the most pieworthy

fruits come together in this sumptuous jam

flavor. Cheese Partner: blue cheese, soft cow, sheep or

goat varieties; Breakfast Partner: toast, rolls, pancakes

or yogurt; Protein Partner: fish, pork, lamb and chicken

• Balsamic Fig Jam — Bold balsamic vinegar brings an

additional dimension to traditional fig jam.

Cheese partner: Brie, creamy goat or blue cheeses;

Breakfast partner: breads, biscuits, pancake or yogurt;

Protein Partner: poultry pork, game and cured meats

• Blueberry Lemon Thyme Jam — Blueberries and

bright lemons meet savory thyme for a versatile jam to

enjoy all the time. Cheese Partner: cream cheese, blue

cheese or soft cow or goat; Breakfast Partner: toast,

muffins, pancakes or yogurt parfaits; Protein Partner:

fish, lamb

• Chile Mango Lime Jam — Aleppo peppers and

jalapenos create two levels of heat and lime adds

brightness to mangoes in this delicious modern version

of mango jam. Cheese Partner: cream cheese, soft goat

or Spanish varieties; Breakfast Partner: toast, pancakes

or yogurt; Protein Partner: fish, pork and chicken

• Spicy Red Pepper Jelly —Mildly spicy Aleppo peppers

and jalapenos combine with red peppers to create just

the right sizzle and balance. This jelly is perfectly

balanced. Cheese Partner: cream cheese, soft goat or

Brie; Breakfast Partner: toast, egg dishes or Canadian

Bacon; Protein Partner: fish, pork and chicken

“A wider group of food lovers — along with those who already know and love The Gracious Gourmet — will

immediately fall for the jams and jellies we developed in Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet,” says Nancy

Wekselbaum, founder.

“We select the highest quality clean ingredients and create memorable flavors to become everyone’s new favorites,”

she says. “Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet jams are meant to be used every day — as well as when you want

excitement for entertaining. The modern, upscale look makes the jars ready to serve on the table or gift.”

Background on The Gracious Gourmet: Based in Bridgewater, Connecticut, Nancy Wekselbaum founded The Gracious

Gourmet in late 2006 using her own recipes crafted from a love of exceptional food and travels around the globe. The

growing line of specialty food products can transform ordinary dishes into exceptional ones without any fuss. The

Gracious Gourmet’s quality is second to none, with nearly unlimited product uses. Our customers are busy,

sophisticated people looking to save time yet still serve exciting food. The Gracious Gourmet’s aim is quite simple:

every meal can be a special occasion.

Winner of the Specialty Food Association's 2011 sofi Gold Award for Outstanding Condiment; 2016 sofi Silver Awards

Finalist for Outstanding Pasta Sauce; 2016 sofi Silver Awards Finalist for Outstanding Condiment; 2014 sofi Silver

Awards Finalist for Outstanding Shelf-Stable Foodservice, and 2009 sofi Silver Finalist for Outstanding New Product, as

well as numerous awards from the Connecticut Specialty Food Association and the Scovie Awards.

Contact: Nancy Wekselbaum, founder, at 860.350.1213 or

Natalie Noblitt, marketing, at