perfectly patriotic: blueberry lemon thyme ice cream!

By Nancy Wekselbaum
Blueberries and Lemons
The Fourth of July is upon us with fireworks and celebration, and what better way to spend it than with family and friends than at a gourmet cook-out! In my last post I gave my recipe for a fantastic chicken burger entrée. This time, we’ll be turning our attention to the grand finale — dessert! After a day of cooking in the summer — whether you’re outside or indoors — everyone will be eager for a frozen dessert. You want to serve something special, preferably holiday-themed. After a gourmet meal, sno-cones or rocket-shaped popsicles don’t really make the cut.

Fortunately, nothing will say Fourth of July like our recipe for fresh Blueberry Lemon Thyme ice cream, made with Blueberry Lemon Thyme Jam from Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet. If you’ve browsed through my recipes, I’m sure you’ve noticed quite a few ice cream combos. That’s because ice cream really is the best dance partner when it comes to fruity flavors — it can make a heavy, sweet flavor fresh or add richness to a lighter taste profile.

When The Gracious Gourmet started and I only had a few products available, our Fig Almond Spread was far and away our most popular — and for good reason! On a night in, one of my favorite things to do with Fig Almond Spread is get a pint of premium vanilla ice cream, stir in half a jar with a splash of cognac. Then it returns to the freezer. Although I’d say the plan was to eat it over the course of a week, more realistically, it ends up being just a day or two! You can see an even more refined version of this five-minute snack in our recipe Fruit Tarts with Fig Almond Ice Cream.

As I developed more sweet, fruity flavors, I found ice cream was always a reliable — and versatile — pairing, especially in the heat of the summer. Our fresh Blueberry Lemon Thyme Jam by Empresa by The Gracious Gourmet is irresistibly summer-themed, with its sweet blueberries, sharp thyme, and just a hint of sour from the lemon.
blueberry lemon thyme jam jarOne of the best things about these ice cream and fruit spread/jam recipes is the freedom they allow the chef! If you like a uniform look, you can incorporate the jam fully with the ice-cream and make an entirely blue-themed dessert — even throw some blueberries on top. A matching blue drink can impress guests to create a coordinated meal!

Alternatively, you could make an accompanying raspberry compote and swirl it in alongside the blueberry jam to get that red-white-and-blue effect. If you have the time, the flavor combo of blueberry, thyme and lemon will go wonderfully with any number of pies, pastries, and tarts.

I sincerely encourage you to follow any inclination you have to try it out with a new flavor. One of the greatest things about creating food is making it your own, experimenting, adding and subtracting. The process becomes the most intricate (and delicious!) science, and I hope my products can spark that creative inspiration for some of you.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Fourth of July!


Blueberry Lemon Thyme Ice Cream



  1. Stir all ingredients together, including THE GRACIOUS GOURMET BLUEBERRY LEMON THYME SPREAD; If needed, microwave ice cream pint for 20 seconds to soften.
  2. Pack ice cream mixture into freezer container and freeze until firm.
Note: Makes about 1 pint.
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